Miss Caye Caulker Lobsterfest



Miss Caye Caulker Lobsterfest
Four beauties vie for the title!

June 6, 2008

Four Caye Caulker beauties are competing and gearing up for the annual Miss Lobsterfest Pageant. The beauty competition, now acting as a scholarship program, will be held over the Lobsterfest festivities which has been slated for June 27th to 29th. The official sashing ceremonies of the Miss Lobsterfest contestants will be held tonight Friday, June 6th at the basketball court at 7:00 p.m. It was originally scheduled for last weekend, but which had to be postponed due to Tropical Storm Arthur. This will kick off the beginning of the festivities leading up to the pageant and Lobsterfest weekend.

The lovely contestants include: Marcely Magaña – 15 years old, Candy Badillo - 15 years old, Maricarmen Chi – 17 years old and Shehady Chan – 19 years old. This year marks the 10th year that Caye Caulker has been having a Miss LobsterFest Pageant, and the present organizing committee has been showcasing the beauty and talent of lovely Caye Caulker girls for the past five consecutive years.

The night of the pageant, the four beauties will showcase what they’ve got in various categories including, introduction, group dance, sports wear, depiction of the lifestyle in Caye Caulker, evening wear, and the nerve-racking question and answer section. The girls will be judged on all the above sections except for the Group Dance which will be for entertainment purposes only. In the sports wear section, the girls will chose their favorite sport and model the attire and equipment used, this section will replace or substitute the pageant’s swimsuit section. The depiction of a Caye Caulker lifestyle section is where the girls will have to select a lifestyle of Caye Caulker past or present and portray that to the viewers on pageant night.

According to Ernesto Marin of the pageant’s committee, “The girls will be judged on creativity in the depiction section, charm and grace, poise, confidence, personality being portrayed throughout the pageant sections, whether the girls are well-spoken, etc. The venue for the pageant has changed this year from the Palapa Gardens to the Central Park. As our committee grows, so does our pageant, and every year we tweak it and fine tune it to make it a pageant like no other in Belize. This year we boast fresh entertainment, local as well as national.”

As well as vying for the title of Miss Lobster Fest, the girls are competing for a scholarship this year. Marin stated, “Whoever wins Miss Lobster Fest will also walk away with a two-year scholarship for whatever educational purposes they choose. This scholarship has been my committee’s goal ever since we started organizing the pageant and we are extremely excited that we have finally taken this small step into making our pageant a little bit better. We strive to make their participation the best experience possible for our contestants and of course all the supporters.”

Carrying out a venture of this magnitude does require the support from the public and the pageants committee is asking for donations or assistance in carrying out this pageant. Interested parties who wish to donate or contribute to the Caye Caulker Miss Lobsterfest 2008 can contact Ernesto Marin Jr. at 610-2872.

The sashing ceremonies will take place this Saturday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. at the Basketball Court. These ceremonies will lead to the Lobsterfest pageant slated for June 27th, 2008.


Maricarmen Chi, 17


Marcely Magaña, 15


Shehady Chan, 19


Candy Badillo, 15
Miss Marcely Magana is the new Miss Lobsterfest.

In front of a standing-room-only crowd, Miss Magana charmed herself into the hearts of Hicaquenos and the judges alike.

deh lobster fest look like a typical royal cruffy affair!!........look like me hafto go staat mi gibnut festival when i go home!!:jammin
deh lobster fest look like a typical royal cruffy affair!!........look like me hafto go staat mi gibnut festival when i go home!!:jammin

Might as well, them have festival fi everything nowadays.
Miss Belize Universe 2008 - Melissa Tanisha Vernon

She was helping out with the pageant.


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